Monday, April 09, 2018

No U turns.

Well, we’re properly on our way now, heading back towards Hurleston and the Shroppie Main Line. We’re not pushing it though.
Yesterday we’d planned to get a few miles under our newly-blacked hull, but in the end pulled in at Gledrid near The Poachers. Both Meg and I needed a comfort break by the time we’d got there, and after I’d tied up I couldn’t be bothered to set off again!

While I was getting ready to move off I heard the distinctive peep-peep-peep of a duckling. Our first of this year it was just behind our counter.DSCF2815
Just at the bottom of the picture… The problem is there’s few places for a youngster to climb out along here, and it’ll slowly drift downstream on the current. Just a couple of hundred yards on there were another two, looking the same age so probably of the same brood. If mum doesn’t swim down to collect them they’ll maybe not survive.DSCF2817

We’d got off early, hoping to get through the two tunnels and across Chirk Aqueduct before too much traffic got going. And we almost succeeded, having a short pause to allow a boat out of Whitehouse Tunnel, and following a small cruiser through Chirk Tunnel. The cruiser had appeared in front of us out of Chirk Marina, and I’m not convinced that it had a headlight, they were very slow through the tunnel. Slower than our tickover speed, in fact.

Chirk Tunnel, with the silhouette of the preceding boat visible against the far end.DSCF2821

When we emerged there was a boat just coming across the aqueduct, so both boats had to hold off. The cruiser was having a bit of trouble, I think the lass on the wheel was a bit of a novice, and they waved us past.

Back over the River Ceiriog into England

When we arrived at Gledrid Bridge there was only one other boat there, but by evening they were lined up from winding hole to the bridge, and even moored on pins beyond that. I was surprised it’s so busy, but a local chap told me today that although the English pupils have returned to school, those in Wales are still on holiday. So there’s quite a few families out on hire boats.

Most of the boats we’ve seen today are heading towards Llangollen, good for us, not so good for them. Unusually we didn’t meet any at bridges or blind bends, either. Amazing.

A fine morning.
Sorry about the blob on the lens…

It’s about an hour from  The Poachers to New Marton Locks, and we made good time going with the flow and with the new prop pushing us along. With that and the repair to the lower rudder bearing Seyella is cruising a lot more comfortably.
There two or three boats waiting to come up by the time we’d topped up the water tank, so we made a quick passage of both locks.

Queue below New Marton Top Lock…

…and again at the bottom lock.
No wind today, which was a godsend. It would have been fun with a brisk westerly…

The sheep fields are now getting busy with lambs…DSCF2830

Feeding time.

Daffodils outside Mr Badger’s house

We pulled in on a regular spot just down from Bridge 4wDSCF2834

It was a fine morning and early afternoon, so I was able to get the left cabin side washed and polished. But it’s now started to rain. Unsettled again tomorrow so we’ll stay here before making the 2½ hour trip to Ellesmere on Wednesday.

Locks 2, miles 9½


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I wonder how many extra boats are going up the Llangollen with the Middlewich Arm being closed

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Brian and Diana
It's not too bad at the moment, but I don't think we want to be here much longer. It's likely to be busy this summer - as is the T&M and the Shroppie!