Thursday, May 21, 2015

When is a Lapwing not a Lapwing?

When it’s a Pyewipe!
The Lapwing must have the most aliases in the bird kingdom. It’s variously known as the Green Plover and Peewit, and here in Lincolnshire it’s the Pyewipe! Peewit and Pyewipe are both interpretations of it’s distinctive call.

Why am I rambling on about Lapwing AKAs? Well, that’s where we’re moored today, outside the Pyewipe Inn. And I‘ve had a pint of Ruddles Best…

Our three days in Saxilby was up today, so us and the Clarences decided to move on. We pushed across to the water point, and while the tank was filling I wandered off to the Elsan disposal, elegantly called the Sluice Room here. It’s on Bridge Street, just past the Sun Inn. It’s difficult being nonchalant as you walk down a fairly busy pavement clutching a tank full of poo…

Leaving Saxilby
Yarwood and What a Lark will join us tomorrow when we head in for our pre-booked moorings in Lincoln.

More long straights, that’s the moorings for the Woodcocks on the right.IMG_4874

We didn’t need diesel, having filled at Burton on Trent only a fortnight ago (is that all, it seems ages!) but thought that nearly full tanks rather than half-empty ones would be better as we slopped about on the briney. Burton Waters Marina was the logical stop for this, and a gas bottle.

Turning in to Burton Waters Marina
The lock gates are there to protect the marina from flooding. The canal can be used as a flood relief channel if necessary.

There was a bit of a queue for the service wharf, so we got tied to the visitor pontoon and had a bite to eat while we waited. We took 60 litres on, much what I expected. We use a little more on rivers than on canals, but only about 5%. A very reasonable 75p base rate, too. The gas was dear, though.

Turning around in the marina. Carefully.IMG_4876
Some very shiny and expensive-looking plastic in here…

As is usual with marinas, the steady supply of food encourages the water fowl.

A mixture of colours amongst the mallard ducklingsIMG_4880

Mummy swan and four cygnets, our first this year.IMG_4878

What’s that, you only counted three? Ah, but you didn’t spot the hitch-hiker!IMG_4881

Derek and Sheila caught us up at the marina, filled with fuel themselves then we headed off another mile to moor outside the afore-mentioned Pyewipe Inn.

That’s got to be Lincoln!

Pulling in outside the PyewipeIMG_4885

The Red Arrows have been out and about again today. They saw us off from Saxilby, and greeted our arrival at The Pyewipe.

The Clarences decided to have lunch here, I joined them in their preprandial refreshment before leaving them to eat. Being so close it would have been churlish not to, eh?

Lincoln tomorrow, mob-handed. They’ll wonder what’s hit them.

Locks 0, miles 4½


Andy Healey said...

Was hoping to get down to Sutton Bridge to watch your flottila arrive on the Nene and maybe get some pics however I see from Sue No Problems site your crossing is around the 1st week of June. We are on NB Centurion that week back on the Llangollen.

Naughty-Cal said...

I can see Naughty-Cal in the picture of you turning in the marina.