Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunshine and (hail!) showers.

Today started bright and sunny and has finished the same way, but the bit in between wasn't so good...

Meg and I took a stroll back to Bardney Lock this morning

Like I said, a bright morning. The waterway coming in from the right is the old river course, rejoining here after a loop around to Short Ferry. The navigation was straightened in the early 1800s.

It was about half-eleven when we got away this morning, we couldn't decide whether to go or stay. But we were still 22 miles from Boston and we need to be closer in case we do decide to make the Wash crossing on Monday. The Clarences had things to do, so followed on later.

The sugar beet factory at Bardney closed in 2001, but someone around here must still be refining the stuff...

Passing under one of the disused pipe bridges. Settling ponds were sited on the south, opposite, side of the river to the factory.

 The plant closed in January 2001, after being in operation for just over 73 years.

It's looking a bit black behind...

There are two mooring pontoons at Southrey, facing each other across the river. Both were empty this morning. The railway following the navigation has long gone, but the station buildings remain and here even the station signs still announce the stop.

Further along, as at Southrey, the stations have been converted to private dwellings. 

Not a bad place to live...

I always feel sorry for swans trying to take off, it seems such a struggle. Like aircraft, they take advantage of a headwind to provide extra lift...

We got caught in a short but sharp hailstorm, bracketed either side by rain. Joe complained he got one down his ear! But it had cleared by the time we moored and it's been a fine afternoon. Still windy, though.

Our destination for today, Kirkstead Bridge near the town of  Woodhall Spa.

 It's a long pontoon here, enough room for four narrowboats. The guy coming in on the above photo took one, so Clarence breasted up to Yarwood when they turned up. We've seen no plastic boats since Tuesday, only "narrers".

The weather forecast is looking a bit more promising for Monday now, so we'll keep our fingers (and toes) crossed.

Locks 0, miles 6½


Naughty-Cal said...

No plastic boats Until we turned up that is :)

Carol said...

Hi Geoff, look out for Rachel and Liam on cruiser Naughty-Cal - they came back across the Wash yesterday and are heading your way. I follow their blog -

Wishing the convoy good luck and a smooth crossing. xx