Monday, March 02, 2015

Short trip, very blowy with wintry showers.

We’d chosen to do the trip to Venetian Marina over three days, that way if the weather is less than clement we don’t have to put up with it for long!
And so it worked out today. We only moved down the two Swanley Locks, battling with the strong wind and showers of snow.

Snow this morning before we set offIMG_3652

It did brighten up a bit and there had been two or three boats heading uphill, so with the locks presumably full we set off. I struggled to get off the bank, the wind had other ideas, but eventually we got to the middle of the channel heading towards Swanley Top Lock.

Trees on the windward bank sheltered Mags a bit as she waited for me to get the top gate open.IMG_3653
And it started to snow again…

Twenty minutes later we’d dropped down Lock 2 and were tied up just around the corner from Swanley Bridge Marina.

It’s been mostly fine since we stopped, but the wind has stayed strong, just starting to ease this evening.

Hi Anon. Thanks for the comment on the previous post. I always look forward to your erudite and astute contributions.

Locks 2, miles 1

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