Thursday, March 26, 2015

On the doorstep.

We moved down to Canal Cruising this afternoon. It saves us a bit of time in the morning, we need to be in the dry dock and on the job as soon as possible.

We had sunny periods and showers in the blustery wind, and it felt a lot colder too.


I thought that the first meeting where the canal was planned was at Wolseley Bridge. It would have been interesting to be there, wherever it was. I’d like to have heard the reasoning behind the 72 foot x 7 foot dimensions for craft using the navigation.
This was the first canal to be constructed without influence from the size of existing river transport. As such they had a completely blank canvas. The size, which set the standard for all subsequent narrow canals, just seems a little arbitrary.

We had two locks to negotiate, the first, Limekiln Lock, is just past a boatyard, and there are always some fine boats to be seen along here.IMG_3987

Meg and I walked the short distance from Limekiln Lock to Newcastle Road Lock. Unfortunately we’d set off shortly behind another boat so I had to fill both locks. But we were lucky in that there were another two following that one, so we could have been stuck in a queue.

Newcastle Road Lock

Below the lock we topped up the water tank and got rid of the rubbish, then cruised past Joules Brewery to Canal Cruising. We were able to pull onto a bit of the wharf on the offside to wait overnight, and I went to let them know we were here.

Canal Cruising Company, Stone.IMG_3994
The three sheds on the left are the docks, the two dry docks flank the wet dock were I painted Seyella’s cabin 18 months ago. This time we’re in the far dry dock, the smaller of the two.

Empty now, we’ll be in there tomorrow.IMG_3992

NB Festina Lente is in the other dry dock.IMG_3993

I’ve rescheduled my training plan for over the weekend. I’ve enough to do prepping and painting without spending several hours pounding the pavements. I‘ll pick it up after the weekend.

It looks like it was a good decision to opt for a covered dry dock rather than on a slipway. Wet and windy weather due over the next few days would have made it impractical to do the blacking out in the elements.

Hi Adam. I think Festina Lente is due out on Saturday.

Locks 2, miles 1

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Mike Todd said...

Our honeymoon in 1967 began from that boatyard with our first experience of canals. There were few hire companies back then and it was the original generation running it. The boats were also rather different! Say hello for us.