Thursday, March 05, 2015

Marina living for a few days.

We’d stayed above Cholmondeston Lock till today enjoying the peace and quiet. Chris and Lesley on NB Rosie II joined us for morning coffee yesterday, we met them down on the Thames last August. They were on their way early this morning, we had a shouted farewell as I jogged along the towpath and they headed for Barbridge.

We had lots of other visitors too. The bird feeders went out when we arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and it’s clear to see the local avian population are used to boaters putting food out for them. They started gathering pretty well straight away.
A cheeky magpie dislodged the peanut feeder and took advantage of the spilled bounty before I hung it up again, but most of the visitors were tits.

Long-Tailed Tit and Great TitIMG_3688

Long-Tailed Tit againIMG_3692
You don’t see these as often. They’re a bit of a poor relation when it comes to plumage, too.

The ubiquitous Blue Tit
Sparrows, robins and blackbirds were hoovering up the seeds dropped below. The Great Tits seem to be particular, discarding some of the seeds to get at ones they prefer. They’re also bullies, throwing their weight around to clear the other birds off the feeders.

Last night the moon was just one day short of full, lighting up the wispy clouds.IMG_3704

We dropped down Cholmondeston Lock this lunchtime to take up a berth in Venetian Marina for a long weekend.

Cholmondeston Lock, Venetian Marina just belowIMG_3706

These first three locks heading east towards Middlewich are considerably deeper than those we’ve left on the Llangollen. They’re around 11 feet deep, only Wardle Lock at the far end is shallower at under 10 feet.

We filled up with diesel and bought some solid fuel on the marina wharf, then found our berth on the pontoons and got set up. This marina is unlike most of those around here. It occupies a deep bay alongside the canal rather than being a separate pool with a short linking canal.

Venetian Marina

A relaxing couple of days before my half-marathon at Oulton Park on Sunday.

Hi Ade. Turning the shower off while lathering up not only saves water, it also saves time! You don't want to hang about... Thanks for the donation to the cause.

Locks 1, miles ½

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