Monday, June 09, 2014

Rain stopped play.

After being woken by thunder this morning at 07:00, followed by a heavy shower bouncing off the roof, the sun came out and it looked like being a pleasant day. But as we prepared for departure it went dull and started to rain again. Not too much so we decided to press on regardless. We only got as far as Red Bull…

Yesterday, after a day bankside at Rode Heath, we were away about 11:00. It was a bright, sunny day after a Saturday of mixed sunshine and showers.

Leaving Rode HeathSAM_9893

New lock gates for somewhere…

Laden working boat below Lawton Treble Locks.SAM_9896

It was NB Tench, loaded with gravel.

Lawton Treble Locks are probably the most attractive on this stretch. The paired chambers are all operational, the gear well lubricated and the grass is manicured.
They replaced a triple staircase when the flight was improved.
An added bonus is Mrs Riley’s cakes, chutneys and jams. She lives locally and can be seen here on weekends selling her home-made products for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I got some very tasty rhubarb and ginger jam. The cakes had all sold out, though.

Up Lawton Treble LocksSAM_9902

Notice I managed to get two coats of black gloss on the right side gunwale Saturday afternoon and before we left Sunday morning.

Church Locks can be a pain if there are boats going in both directions, there’s a very short pound between them.

Swapping between the two Church Locks.SAM_9904

That’s it for the day, Mags heading for the moorings opposite All Saint’s Church, Church Lawton.

This morning the rain had increased from a few spots to a continuous downpour by the time we’d arrived at the bottom of Lock 46. I made the decision then; if it hadn’t improved by the time we get to the moorings above Lock 44 we’ll call it a (short) day. It didn’t, so we did!

All Saint’s, Church Lawton, just light rain.SAM_9908

SAM_9910Up Lock 44, it doesn’t look it but it’s chucking it down. Thunder rolling in the distance.

We were both wet through by the time we’d moored, the boat windows are now steamed up from the damp jackets (and dog) hanging up to dry. No, Meg isn’t hung up.. just the jackets.

The sun is trying to make an appearance now, but I think we’ll stay put anyway.

Yesterday, locks 6, miles 1¼. Today, locks 3, miles 1

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