Friday, June 06, 2014

A shorter day.

After yesterday’s fairly long day we deserved a bit of an easier one, so just moved up to Rode Heath.

I took this last night, at 10:15
We’re only a couple of weeks from the summer solstice!

Same view this morning (well, nearly. We’d set off)SAM_9887

We had a slow start, a boat went past us as I was getting ready to go.
Above us were the Hassall Green locks, a paired set followed by a single chamber. The pound between was low, so we hung back for the boat ahead to get into the next lock before we filled ours. There was a chance that the pound may have been too low after we’d come up, and there was no point having both boats stuck.
As it was we were OK, Mags took it very gently down the middle of the channel.

Hassall Green bottom lock, Lock 58, from under the M6 bridgeSAM_9888

Lock 57, the shop and cafe here have closed and are being converted to a private residenceSAM_9889

There weren’t enough boats coming down to set all the locks for us, but the few that were helped a bit. We still had to turn maybe 3 out of the 6 today.

Last lock for today at Thurlwood, unusually having a gate paddle at the upper end.SAM_9892
We pulled in at Rode Heath around mid-day, and have enjoyed the sunny afternoon chatting to folk walking past and just pottering about.

Overnight we’ve thundery showers moving in, lasting through most of tomorrow, so we’ll be staying put. Maybe move on a bit on Sunday.

Hi Alf, sorry we missed you yesterday. Glad to see someone's keeping the wheels of industry turning...
Today, folk coming up from Wheelock have been complaining about low pounds all the way up to the golf course. The pound between 65 and 66 was dry again first thing.
Hiya Carol, well spotted! A check of the original 4Mb picture confirms your suspicion. It's certainly had a paint job recently...

Locks 6, miles 2½

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Carol Ives said...

I thought so. I hired that a lot and then the year you helped us it was diabolical, the engine had to be topped up with about a litre of water everyday, it spewed black smoke every time you put the throttle on. I believe the then owners sold the whole company to the present owners. I hire from Aqua now, their boats are fantastic, but I am glad to see it is being cared for, that boat was the beginning of my love of narrow boating. I was in Crewe recently and saw another Cheshire cat boat moored at the Barbridge, sadly Aqua has spoiled me!!