Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Interlude

It was yesterday morning when we decided to drop down three locks to the Church Lawton moorings for the rest of the weekend. Bad timing though, the only shower we had during the day started just as we set off, and finished just as we tied up.

We moved off to Lock 44 as a boat was coming up, then a hire boat appeared behind us so I let them have the lock. They would undoubtedly have further to go than us…

We took the chamber alongside as a boat came up that one. My good deed was rewarded, the hirers set each adjacent chamber for us as they dropped down in front, so we had an easy run.

After only about 40 minutes we tied up again, just before 11:00 as the bells of All Saint’s church encouraged worshippers to come to the Easter Sunday service.

The tower of All Saints, Church Lawton, visible through the trees. SAM_9101

We had guests for lunch when we arrived…SAM_9097
Just five, a comfortable hand flipperful. She’s still got them all this morning.

Today we chose to stay put, leaving the canal to those who are out for the holiday week. It’s not been as busy as I expected, though. The engine and gearbox were due an oil change, and I wanted to have a look at the domestic water pump which seems to be not as powerful as it was.

I thought the in-line water filter may have been partially blocked, causing the pump performance to be affected, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. A new pump is now on the shopping list before this one fails completely. Looking back through my records I see that I rebuilt this one with a repair kit two years ago, and it had been in service for nearly three years before that. So I suppose we’ve had our money’s worth.

The engine and gearbox service went well, at least until I did the routine check of the alternator belts.

This didn’t look right…

Nope, it wasn’t!SAM_9099

Although it looks bad it was a straightforward fix. There’s plenty of spare length on the adjustment bracket, so a new hole and a bit of tidying up with an angle grinder had it as good as new again.
The reason it had broken is that the lower bracket had come loose, allowing the alternator to move and flexing the top bracket. I’m just glad it didn’t break one of the alternator mounting lugs instead.

We’ll be toddling on tomorrow, although quite a bit after Pete and Dawn on NB White Atlas moored behind us. They’re heading for Wheelock, and want to get off around 07:00!

Have a good trip, guys.

Locks 3, miles ¾

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