Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another fine day, downhill to Milton

We had another cold night, no frost this time but still chilly. It had started to warm up by the time we got going though, bright sunshine out of clear skies putting paid to any lingering chill.

Under Bridge 27 and past that swing bridge pivot.SAM_9035

The chaps are still busy redoing the towpath above Stockton BrookSAM_9036

On my early run I’d spotted three boats moored below Engine Lock, all facing uphill, and was hoping we’d cross at the locks. I was disappointed not to see any of them before we got to the top lock, so I had to fill that one.

Stockton Brook Top LockSAM_9037

Then we started to meet them, one after the other, so the middle three were all set for us, and we could leave the bottom gates open for the oncoming boats.

In the flightSAM_9038


With almost everything going our way it only took 45 minutes top to bottom. Then there were those two lift bridges to deal with…

Long Butts Lift Bridge…

…and Norton Green.SAM_9046
I think Meg’s wondering if it’s going to stay up!

The final lock of the day was the 12’ deep Engine Lock, there used to be a pumping engine hereabouts, lifting water from mine workings.

Engine LockSAM_9049

There’s heavily mineralised water being pumped from somewhere still.SAM_9050

We pulled over a couple of hundred yards below the lock after a shorter day than expected.

Moored above Milton.

There’s been lots of folk about on the towpath, but not so many boats as I expected. About 50/50, hire boats and private. The hirers are from Festival Basin (Black Prince), Stone (Canal Cruising Company) and unusually, Scholar Green on the Macclesfield (Heritage). Most people hiring on the Macc go north…

The final bit down into Stoke tomorrow, aiming to stop at Westport Lake.

Locks 6, miles 2½ 

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Sue said...

Some great pics Geoff. I am surprised at the 50/50 on boats. Here on the Llangollen it is more like 90% Hireboats..

Very few private boats around.. I think they knew something I didn't!