Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A quiet day.

There’s been a few boats up and down today. Last night there were around half a dozen moored along the towpath here, but by late morning they’d all gone, leaving us on our own for a while. This evening’s visitors have arrived, now.

Meg and I took a walk this morning towards Northwich, and were surprised to see work going on at Billinge Green Flash. Since 2005 various planning applications for a marina here have been rejected, but it looks like the developers have finally got their way.

Digging out the flash.SAM_9220


The derelict boat that has marked the shallows for decades has been removed, and a silt barrier strung along the line of the canal, presumably to stop disturbed mud from the excavation running into the canal.

I can’t find any information on the web about it, and the sign isn’t very informative…SAM_9221

The original application was by a company called Ripple Developments. I think the marina is going to be called Whispering Reeds. The naff name alone would be enough for the council to reject it!

This is nothing to do with the other marina under construction on the towpath side, a half mile further on. This is being built by Travelreign, who run Nantwich Basin and Uplands Marina in Anderton.

On the subject of the sunken boat, the flashes were used by the British Waterways Board to dispose of redundant boats in the 1960s. A lot were recovered by enthusiasts for restoration, but this one appears to have been deliberately anchored to warn of the shallow water.
It is believed it could have been the Brill, a Fish Class wooden boat built in the 1930s for Fellows, Morton and Clayton’s Northern fleet. It finally finished up in the hands of BWB, cut down and used as a maintenance boat.

? NB Brill? taken in 2009…
Billinge Green Flash 2
and in 2011.
Billinge Green Flash

While pottering about I had my camera handy, catching a passing grebe…SAM_9229

…and Ma and Pa taking the kids out.

Hi Graham, I thought about varnish, but I’ve got a can of decking oil I use on the coal platform on the roof, so I gave it two coats of that instead. I know, no chance of either paint or varnish now!
I’m keeping an eye on what you’re up to over the water…

We’ll be toddling on tomorrow, stopping somewhere to sit out Thursday’s rain.

Locks 0, miles 0


Graham in Glasgow! said...

Oops, wrong Graham! And there was me thinking I had an exclusive name! I'm the landlocked one in Glasgow not the foot loose and fancy free one in Belgium - unfortunately.

I'm sure the decking oil will be admirable.

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Graham
Sorry about that, I just assumed... Thanks for the sound advice, the decking oil looks good and is a lot easier to slap on that varnish!