Monday, September 05, 2011

Blogger Formatting

Hi all you Blogger users out there. Have you switched to the new interface yet? It has better functionality for uploading photos, but it seems to have a formatting issue. Read as a web page it looks fine, but through Google Reader it mislays occasional spaces. It's not my typing, honest!
Anybody else having this problem?


Sue said...

Yes it is a bit odd in the reader, I use Google Reader and the words are a bit joined up, but no worry!

Gosh you have had it a bit wet on that trip I felt very sorry for you both.

You were certainly in the wettest part of the country the last month!

Captain Ahab said...

Tried it but switched back.

Bruce in Sanity said...


Haven't tried it yet… looked at it, thought "Oh no!" and went back to the old one.

I'll be interested to hear of others experiences with it.



Huffler/Jola/Charlotte said...

Yes I thought it was juat this horrible new computer !

Carol said...

I tried to put a posting on using the new version yesterday, it seemed ok but when I wanted to publish I got some weird message about and wouldn't publish. I swapped back to the old version and had to do it all again but it did post ok. I will try again though.