Saturday, September 10, 2011

Around Manchester

Today we travelled north to south around the western fringes of Manchester, from Worsley to Sale and back out into the countryside.

Into Worsley, looking back at the Packet House and the Delph.

We’ve been leap-frogging the Braunston Mob for the last few days, and here they are again, on the Worsley moorings.

The “Mob”, moored in Worsley.

If you want some background on Worsley and the Duke’s mining operation, Tony on NB Huffler wrote a very good post on the subject last night.

We had an uneventful journey, mild with some sun, but a strong wind steadily built up through the morning.

You can’t pass through Patricroft without the obligatory shot of Monton “Lighthouse”

Monton Lighthouse

The chap who built this is also doing something a little more sensible; restoring the inspection launch Victoria “R”.

Victoria “R”, under wraps
She’s a Thames launch, built in 1891 and electrically powered.

Down to Waters Meeting there were only a few anglers to avoid, no boats till we got to the junction. Nothing was moving down on the Ship Canal as we crossed on Barton Aqueduct, so I didn’t bother with any pics.

Waters Meeting

Left for Castlefield Junction and Manchester, right for Stretford, Sale and points south. We went right.

Where your breakfast cornflakes come from; Kellogg’s factory on the junction

They used to run a fleet of grain barges to supply them by canal.

The long straights through Stretford and Sale were fairly boring as normal, lots of folk out and about on the towpath though, enjoying the weather.
And we did get to see the Sale Cruising Club ferry in operation.

Ferry ‘cross the Bridgewater…

You can get to the offside clubhouse by crossing one of the bridges, but this is quicker!

Moving out of the built-up area the clouds starting to build up.

Looming clouds

I was sure we were going to get dumped on, it’s not often we do this trip without getting wet. But we got away with it, the clouds blown north-eastward without losing a drop.

We moored near Dunham Massey, a regular stop for us. We’ll stay here till Monday now.

Not long after we’d tied up this immaculate launch came along, the owner looking rightfully proud.

Launch Daphne

Then NB Arial, selling fuel, appeared, so I flagged him down and took 4 bags of solid fuel off him. With that and a couple of birch logs I foraged this morning, we ready for the first spell of cold weather.

Locks 0, miles 13¼   

I’m running The Great North Run to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Let's hope that first spell of weather doesn't come too soon Geoff!