Saturday, November 06, 2010

Up a bit further…..

Yesterday was a driving day, a trip up to Yorkshire by car (courtesy of Enterprise, Lichfield) for Mags' annual review with the Doc.

I’d picked up the car on Thursday afternoon so we could get off just after 7 yesterday morning. 2¾ hours saw us at the surgery, then we had a side trip across to Ingleton to see our friends Val and John and pick up the mail, and back down again. I was a bit bug-eyed when I took the car back to Lichfield at 3 o’clock, not used to that much driving in one day anymore.
Still, it’s better than the train. Thirty quid plus fuel for a 6 month old Corsa for 24 hours.

This morning Meg and I went up to Fradley village to the PO/General Stores for a paper, bread and milk.

I noticed that St Stephens has decided to diversify to attract people to the church.

St. Stephens, Fradley

The feature this week is a Julia Roberts film about a recently divorced woman who sets off on a world journey to “find herself” Sounds enthralling….

On the way back I knocked on the side of NB Robyn, The Graphics Boat, to inquire about having some mugs personalised.

NB Robyn
I’m pleased with the results….

Mug Shot
We’d had our 48 hour stay on the moorings opposite the BW office today, so we decided to move on, not far, just to the top of Shadehouse Lock.

Fradley Junction from the Coventry Canal entrance

Going up Middle Lock, Fradley

There are good, quiet moorings above Shadehouse, unfortunately others feel the same, and there was no room. So we squeezed in (almost) against the bank a little further on.

NB Flycatcher sitting on the bottom above Shadehouse
Looking back towards Shadehouse Lock
Didn’t want to go too far, it’s the qualifying for the Brazilian GP this afternoon, and we’ll probably stay put for the race itself tomorrow.

Locks 3, miles ¾

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