Friday, November 19, 2010

Still at Great Haywood

All being well we’ll be away over the weekend, but for now we’re stuck here waiting for a mail delivery.
After Wednesday’s appalling weather, with strong winds and rain all day, there’s been a bit of an improvement. Yesterday was bright at times but showery, today is one of those typical autumn days, misty and cool. Often after a start like this the sun breaks through later, but today it looks like it’s not going to manage it.

View from the side hatchYou can tell I’ve just opened the hatch, the beggars are heading this way!

The swans are so tame you can feed them by hand.
There’s not a lot to report, walks with Ann and the dogs, chats over cups of tea, just taking it easy.

This morning NB Moore2Life set off up the Staffs and Worcester towards Penkridge.

Charles and Ann head off into the murk.
We moved off a little later, but in the opposite direction, back down to Great Haywood Junction. Pulling on to the services we filled with water, got a couple of bags of solid fuel to keep us going (we’ve still plenty of wood on the roof, but this time of year you never know….) and filters and oil for the next engine service, due in a couple of weeks.
Then we reversed back across the junction and moored on the 48 hour visitor moorings above the lock.
I say 48 hour, but to my personal knowledge there have been 3 boats moored here at least a week….

Not able to get any sort of TV picture using the aerial, I’ve had to dust off the satellite dish and set that up for the first time in ages.
Since most areas have “gone digital”, mooring spots with notoriously poor TV reception are often much better, and we’ve been able to use the aerial much more. But, although we’ve only moved about ¾ mile East as the crow flies, the good signal we enjoyed on the Wide is non-existent here.

Hopefully the mail will arrive tomorrow, and we can set if in M2L’s wake, up the Staffs and Worcs. They’re intending to head down to Stourport, but we’ll turn off at Autherley Junction, and head north again up the Shroppie.

Christmas must be coming, this from BW :-

River Severn - Stourport Pontoons
Friday 19 November 2010 until further notice

River pontoon between the broad and narrow locks at Stourport will be closed until further notice,due to the presents of dangerous trees.

Enquiries: 01452 318000

(The italics are mine)

I wonder what they’re getting…

One of this winter’s stoppages is at Anderton, and it’s being promoted as an alternative visitor attraction. No boats, but you can look at a muddy ditch….

Locks 0, miles ¾

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