Saturday, May 01, 2010

Waiting for the mail.

We’ve had a very enjoyable couple of days at Church Lawton. There are a lot of footpaths criss-crossing the farmland around here, linking up the farms and villages, and Meg and I have had a good time exploring. Meg has made several new friends, including a labradoodle called Star and a Heinz 57 with leanings towards a Beardie called Leonard.
Lots of chasing around the meadows and jumping in and out of the streams.
And the dogs enjoyed themselves as well….ROTFL

I’ve nearly got the final set of cabin door liners finished, so the non-walking time has been well spent.
We had to move on today. I dipped the water tank this morning (who needs fancy tank gauges when you’ve got a trusty stick) and the level was down to about 10 gallons (45 litres in new money). I thought the bow was riding a little high.
So it was a quick trip up to Red Bull services to fill up the tank, empty the loos and get rid of the rubbish.
Meg decided it was time for a bath (again) and fell in just below Lock 46.
No, I didn’t join her this time! She made it back to land on her own and had pretty well dried out by the time we got to the water point.

Heading up the Red Bull flight

Mags the consummate professional steers into Lock 44.

There’s an unofficial book-swap in the facilities block, so we refreshed part of the library as well as the tanks.

After doing the necessaries we pulled back 15 yards or so and moored up.

We’re waiting for the mail, which is due at the Post Office at Scholar Green. It’ll probably be the middle of next week before it arrives, with the Bank Holiday interfering.
Some Post Officers? are not so keen to receive and hold mail for collection (Poste Restante), but the lady here is different again, even to the point of giving me a call when the first of my 2 packages arrived yesterday. Service, and with a smile!

Locks 3, miles 1(ish)

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