Saturday, May 15, 2010

And so back into Manchester

We got all the supplies topped up yesterday. Groceries at Ye Olde No 3 courtesy of Tesco, water at the same location and diesel at Hesford Marine, a mile further on towards Lymm.
Then we turned around and headed back, to moor very near to where we were on Thursday night.
This morning we were on the move at nine, heading back up to Manchester.

Near Dunham Massey
It was a bit warmer today, sunny spells this morning and prolonged sunshine this afternoon.

Good name at Oldfield Quay
I jumped off the boat at Timperley Bridge, to trot up to the newsagent just up the road, and then jogged along the canal to catch up with Mags.
There were a lot of runners and joggers out on the towpath this morning. The good, smooth and traffic free surface is ideal for training. You just have to watch out for dogs and cyclists!

From near Timperley Bridge there’s a straight that’s over 2 miles long.

On the Sale straight.
We made a right turn at Waters Meeting, heading east now to the city centre.

Waters Meeting.
Left takes you to Worsley and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. We'll be heading that way on Monday.

Past Old Trafford, headquarters of Manchester United PLC. I think they play football here, too…
In fact they started life as Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, a group of railwaymen at the yard indulging their passion. Started in 1878, it wasn’t until 1892 that they joined the Football League.
A local brewery owner invested in the club, and the name was changed to Manchester United in 1902. Perhaps as well…. NHLYRFC is a bit of a mouthful.

We arrived at Castlefield at around noon.

New apartment blocks dominate the skyline.
We turned right, towards the Grocers Warehouse and slotted in to the wharf opposite a burned out derelict.

Moored in Castlefield
The wreck wasn’t here 2 years ago. Carol’s boat Corbiere was moored there then.

An early night tonight, then off up to Portland Street for the start of the Great Manchester Run. For the first time Auntie Beeb is covering the event, BBC2 from 10:00. If you watch you might just see yours truly stagger over the line at around 11:25.

Locks 0, miles 10½


Sue said...

Good luck Geoff, will be thnking of you xx

Martin (Pennine Waterways) said...

The boat only burnt out a couple of weeks ago.