Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nantwich to Hurleston Junction

We moved on from Nantwich today, heading north again. The larder and fridge are both topped up, as is the water tank and the coal stocks.

Loading solid fuel from Ivor and Mel’s Mountbatten.
Mel decorates canal wear with traditional “roses and castles” designs. We bought a couple of examples of her work as gifts.
I realised afterwards I should have got a picture of her stock…

Instead here’s the sterns of Mountbatten and Jellicoe.

After the coal it was 100 yards along to the services, arriving just as Jenny Wren was pulling away.

Good timing at Nantwich services.
Then we had a gentle chug along the canal, just over tick-over, enjoying being on the move again. Not for long, though. We pulled over at Hurleston Junction, after only a couple of miles.

At the end of the embankment above Nantwich the canal goes through Bridge 92. This is the last of the narrow bridges heading north.

Bridge 92
This is because the canal from here was originally the Chester Canal, linking up with the Mersey at Ellesmere Port. It was built to wide beam dimensions, so all the locks and bridges are broad, in contrast to those on the Shropshire Union. The arm to the right of the picture, now the base of Nantwich Marina, is the end of the original line.

Spotted a kestrel aiming for it’s lunch on the way.
A rushed shot I’m afraid. I don’t know whether it was successful, I didn’t see it again after it dove (dived?) behind a hedge line.

We’re not in any hurry. I sent an application off to cruise the Liverpool Canal Link yesterday. This is the new section of canal at the end of the Leeds and Liverpool, giving boats access through the docks, along the front of the “Three Graces”, and to moorings at Salthouse Dock.
From there it’s only a short walk to the start (and finish) of the Liverpool Half-Marathon, my first race of the year, at the end of March. So we’ve 5 weeks to get there.

Locks 0, miles 2

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