Monday, February 08, 2010

Cold on the cut

A cold wind made it a bit parky on the tiller today. Just a few glimpses of a watery sun didn’t do much, but at least we had only a few flakes of snow.

I did a few odds and ends yesterday, the rear hatch now has brass guides front and rear to stop it twisting and make it run a little easier.

We were away at just after 11 today. Just saw a couple of boats on the move today, but there must have been one somewhere ahead of us as Church Minshull Lock was set against us when we arrived.

Reminders of fly-boat days, canalside stables and cottage.

There’s a slope on the offside just below the lock, and it was always planted with flowers.

It’s looking a bit sad at this time of year.
Hoolgrave Bridge is being repaired at the moment.

Bridge 20 on the Trent and Mersey is also undergoing reconstruction after an argument with a farm trailer way back in 2008. It’s being rebuilt using period materials and construction techniques, with a bit of hidden reinforcement in the road bed.
Andrew Denny has an interesting view on whether this is an appropriate use of resources in these financially difficult times.
Me, I’d be asking why the driver’s liability insurance isn’t paying for it. After all, it was his fault, wasn’t it?

We stopped at Venetian Marina for diesel, solid fuel and some blue stuff for the loo, before going up Cholmondeston Lock and mooring shortly after.

There’s a handy bush alongside, so we hung the (repaired) bird feeders up. Our first visitors were a pair of robins.

Locks 2, miles 6

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