Saturday, February 06, 2010

In the countryside, but we can’t see it!

I received good news last night; I’ve got a place in this year’s Great Manchester Run, the 10k in the city centre in May. I’ve run this 3 times and always enjoy the atmosphere (and the route), but this year, like last, I missed the opening of the entry system in January. Last year I couldn’t get a place, so did the Oxford 10k instead. This year 26,000 of the available 36,000 places were snatched up in 48 hours, so the organisers chose to put the remaining 10,000 up for ballot. I’ve been lucky enough to get one of those places.

We pulled out of Middlewich at around lunchtime today. The day had started promisingly, clear after a frost, but started to get misty in the afternoon and by tea-time visibility was only about 100 yards!

Middlewich Visitor Moorings
Just a short trip today, to spend the weekend out of the way.

Going up Stanthorne Lock I noticed something I’d not spotted before. The locks on the Branch are numbered from Middlewich, Wardle Lock being number 1, Stanthorne number 2 etc.

Stanthorne Lock, No.2

But the bridges are numbered from the other end, at Barbridge Junction. Hence the junction bridge is Bridge 1, counting up to number 32 at the junction with the T&M. I wonder why.

A couple of miles above Stanthorne we pulled over, looking out over Winsford Top Flash. Well, we know it’s there even if we can’t see it.

There’s been a few boats up and down today, probably a few more tomorrow if the weather holds.

I've been sent this link to give an update on the Town(bridge) Wharf sale I mentioned yesterday. It looks interesting. I wonder what the "boating facilities" will consist of?
Thanks Alf. We'll be back up in a couple of weeks, maybe we'll meet up then.

Locks 1, miles 2½

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Alf said...

As far as I am aware, the planned facilities are, a cafe, heritage museum, launderette, "normal" things like showers, loo etc. The water point will stay, the above will be new build incorporating the cottage. The old wharehouse will be converted to include Town Council Offices and possibly a restaurant.