Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No going back…

We’re back up on the canal again, waiting for the go ahead at Middlewich Big Lock. We came up the lift yesterday, and it was quite a surprise seeing boats moving again after the quiet river.

An indication of how busy the lift used to be can be seen by the little huts at the base of each side of the structure.
These, complete with stoves for heating, were for the lower operators. The upper operators had the glazed shed, perched on the top, to work out of.

The iron structure is bolted and riveted together at the joints…..
And braced in the framework.
A handy roost for a push-me, pull-you dove…
Redundant counter-balance weights now form a maze.

We spent last night on the moorings just above the lift, then moved on towards Northwich today, stopping at the services at Anderton.

These facilities are provided by BW, and offer fresh water, and loo and rubbish disposal for boaters, some even have shower and laundry rooms.
In compliance with rules for disposal of hazardous waste, there are signs prohibiting leaving used engine oil and expired batteries at the refuse skips. But of course, there are always those individuals to whom the rules don’t apply. Consequently there are often cans of oil and the odd battery tucked into discrete corners of the compounds. The waste contractors are not allowed to remove them, so there they stay.
That is, until some oik decides to take the lids off and empty them on the ground…..

Oil Slick

Lovely. It was definitely deliberate, both of those plastic bottles were on their sides, sans lids.

I gave BW a call to let them know, the local supervisor will be dead chuffed, I’m sure.

It was the second call I’d made, the first was to book passage through Harecastle Tunnel on Monday. During the “season”, you just turn up and queue, but, with limited traffic through the winter, the tunnel is only staffed when required. Now we just need for them to finish work at Middlewich on Friday, and we’re on a roll.

Locks 0, miles 4


Alf said...

Had a look at Big Lock today (Wed) lots of work still to be done, might be worth calling BW to check that it will be open Friday !!

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks, Alf
I gave them a call this afternoon (Thursday) and it looks like they're going to over-run. Might be open temporarily over the weekend, but I had a walk down myself this afternoon and frankly it looks unlikely. Ah well, plan B I guess.