Saturday, December 05, 2009

Back to Anderton

We had a couple of days on the bank, but couldn’t really enjoy the views over the valley due to the wet weather.

Today’s view was better, with clear skies.

I managed to get some wood cut up into stove-sized pieces in a dry gap, and found out why there’s a dribble of “goo” running down the flue pipe. There’s a hairline crack in the pipe, along the welded seam. Burning wood, with the higher water content than solid fuel, coats the inside of the flue with tar, which oozes out through the crack and runs down the outside. It hardens off into a crust before reaching the stove.

Obviously it’s not a good thing to have a crack in the chimney, so I set to and did a bodge job to contain the problem until I can get it fixed properly. A biscuit tin, some fire cement and half-a-dozen jubilee clips. Not pretty, but effective. And it’ll stop us from expiring from carbon monoxide poisoning. I don’t think that’s been an issue, though. There is a detector in the saloon and it’s not made a peep. Yes, it does work!

Remember Carol on Corbiere who we travelled with through last summer? You may remember she and Sonja bought a mobile slot car race track to tout around garden fetes and such like.

Sonja, Carol and Mags at the races.
Well, they’ve set up a website. Check it out if you’re looking for something a bit different for your outdoor do. Probably wait till the spring though, eh.

Today’s forecast was sunshine and showers, and we got away at around 09:30, to arrive at Saltersford for 10:30.

Last night, while out with Meg at 11:00 for her last run-off before bed, I spotted something glowing in the reeds opposite. Couldn’t make it out in the dark so when we pulled pins this morning I manoeuvred across to take a closer look.

I fished out what I thought at first was a fishing float, but then discarded that idea. About 5” high, with a hook on the top and filled with a viscous green fluid.

Anyway it was on the hatch when we went into Saltersford tunnel, and lo and behold, it glows in the dark!
Must be some sort of Christmas decoration. Cool, though.

We cleared the 2 tunnels and stopped just after the road bridge so I could make a visit up into Barnton. I’ve never shopped here before and was pleased to see that it’s worth the visit. A Post Office, butcher and general store on the main road, and a bit off the beaten track a handy little DIY shop and a Co-op. The residents must be quite concerned about their appearance. I counted no less than 4 hairdressers!

We moved on again, stopping just past the lift on the visitor moorings at Anderton.

It’s been a pleasant little cruise, quite mild in the sun.

Heading for Saltersford tunnel.
The canal is cut into the rising ground alongside the river valley. The river is down on the left.

Locks 0, miles 4


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

The green thing is a plastic tube full of a photo luminescent liquid; in the liquid is a small glass file with a second liquid. When you bend the plastic tube, the glass one breaks, the two liquids mix and it starts to glow, it will carry on for about 24 hrs dependant on temperature, if its cold it lasts a lot longer.

Geoff and Mags said...

Ah, like the Cyalume light sticks we used to carry for emergency light when potholing. Never had to use one, luckily.
Ta lots,