Friday, December 11, 2009

Fog on the Tyne Weaver

What a contrast between yesterday and today! We cruised to Northwich in beautiful sunshine yesterday morning, and came today back hardly able to see where we were going.

Heading for Northwich yesterday
Under Winnington Swing Bridge today

Northwich is not a bad spot for shopping. It’s got pretty well all the shops you’d want, and is quite compact. Access from the river is only 5 minutes from the town centre, so handy for lugging back all those Christmas presents….
We spent a bit longer than planned, and it was nearly 4 o’clock before we set off back. We didn’t want to spend the night in the town, pleasant as it is. With sunset being not long after 4, it was getting dark by the time we got to Anderton, so pulled over near the lift for the night.

The mist was rising off the water as we moored, and it was pretty dense this morning.
The boat lift just visible
We left it till 11:00, but there didn’t seem to be any improvement, so we headed off back to Barnton Cut. With nothing else on the river, there wasn’t much chance of meeting another boat.

There were a few more logs to collect on the way, and we were moored up again around noon.
Then I set to, to slice up all of our recently acquired wood. Logs turned into rings for splitting into wedges.

I chopped some up to last a couple of days, and the rest is now stacked tidily on the roof. And I’ve got an aching back…… I’m glad we’ve got a chain saw!

Meg and I posing
Locks 0, miles 4

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