Friday, June 05, 2009

Partings at Paddington, and back towards Bulls Bridge.

We had a day off cruising yesterday, the first for over 2 weeks! I took Meg for a good long walk around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Meg has been missing having grass under her paws. She’s very much a rural dog; these city centre moorings don’t appeal at all.

Grass, Grass!
Paddling in the Serpentine
(Part of) Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain
Dave and Barbara spent the evening with us, we left them here today, and may meet up again further up the Grand Union.

The girls (Christine and Diane) had popped round on Wednesday night to say goodbye, they were going off to visit Di’s son who’s studying over here.

All the girls. Barbara, Mags, Di and Christine. And not to be left out, Meg.
We toddled off out of the basin at around a quarter to nine. Back to the pool at Little Venice, then turned right onto the Regents Canal.

Canal Cleaning. More of our canals could do with one of these…
Bridge 1
We headed just a couple of miles along here, turning around at Cumberland basin and coming back. We wanted to have a look at the posh houses on the edge of Regents Park, home to ambassadors and diplomats, and also to see a bit of Regents Park Zoo.

But first we went through the 270 yard long Maida Hill Tunnel.

Maida Hill Tunnel

It has a café built across the portal. Interesting views of boats appearing and disappearing under your feet…

On Regent’s Canal

Posh Houses
The Snowdon Aviary Floating Chinese Restaurant at Cumberland Basin
Back at the junction we made use of the facilities, then retraced our route back towards Bull’s Bridge.

Dave was on the deck of Liberty Bell as we went past.

Bye, Dave
The weather had started to get a lot cooler yesterday, and today we had the first rain for over a week. Mainly short showers, they started as we arrived at Cumberland basin, and were on and off for the rest of the day.

We made a stop at Sainsbury’s at Kensall Green, handily alongside the canal with moorings adjacent. We were just going in when Barbara came out, so had another chance to say goodbye. It was raining in earnest now, though, and she wanted to get back so we didn’t hang about.

I hopped off at the North Circular Aqueduct to get a shot of the road below. Not too busy at half past one in the afternoon.

North Circular
Then it was a steady plod out of the main built up area, till we pulled in near Yeading. We noticed this spot on the way in, it’s on the offside, against a park and there are a few boats moored here so I guess it’s OK.

Moored near Yeading
Here’s a solution for a space shortage. Bolt 2 narrowboats together.
Fine for down here on the broad canals, then you could just single them up for narrow locks. I wonder if you have to pay for 2 licenses….

Locks 0, miles 14½

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