Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No travelling, but still busy

We had a bit of aerial entertainment last evening, with a flight of hot air balloons passing over.

The first passed over quite low, barely clearing the trees….
The second landed in the field on the opposite side of the canal…
And the third went over a lot higher.
This morning I took Meg for a long walk, to the north east of the canal.

A clear path through a field of rape.

Alpacas (I think) on a farm.

Looking across to the Chilterns in the south west.
The forecast was for showers later, so I got stuck into clearing out the fore deck ready for top coating. I’d got 2 coats on before the rain came, then dropped the cratch cover to protect it.

It looks far better now.
The counter will get the same treatment next, and the cants will be repainted in black gloss when I get the opportunity to do the below-gunwale sides.

With the rain came the end of outside work, so I fitted a new 230v socket in the bedroom to run a bigger TV. We had one in there, but it’s only a 7” 12v unit. With digital looming closer and closer, we’ve bought a new freeview enabled TV for the saloon, so the 17” from there is now in the bedroom. That’ll be swapped for a 15” freeview unit that’ll be waiting for us up in Yorkshire when we get there in the autumn.

Then I vacc’ed through while Megs followed me with the mop, so we’re all spick and span inside as well.

We’re moving on tomorrow, not far, I think we’ll have a look down the Wendover Arm with a view to staying there for a couple of days.

Locks 0, miles 0

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