Sunday, June 21, 2009

The longest day… and what a cracker!

In fact the whole weekend has been pretty good. We moved today from our mooring at the end of the Wendover Arm, down the first 6 of the Marsworth Locks before mooring up to watch the Silverstone GP.
But first, Meg and I have had some fine walks in the area, along the partially restored section of the Arm, and around the reservoirs that feed water into the summit level of the main line.

The Wendover Arm Trust have put in a lot of effort to get the restoration along as far as they have. It’d be a pity if the project foundered now due to lack of funding..

The partially restored section to Drayton Beauchamp.
Around the reservoirs.

Bulbourne Top Lock and Dry Dock

Bulbourne Junction

The weather has been kind enough for me to crack on with painting on Seyella.

On Friday she had a bad case of “primer rash”.

But it cleared up yesterday.
My shoulders were certainly stiff this morning, with hand flatting the primer, and then painting.
The right side is to do now, along with the red and cream counter bands. Then I’ll look at putting a coat of blacking on the hull, just cosmetic really, above the waterline.

This morning we got away at around 09:00, and a couple of hours later were tied up 6 locks further along the main line. It started cloudy, but this afternoon has been warm and sunny. The reservoirs and associated canals attract a lot of folk on a sunny weekend (and I guess a couple of pubs help too), so today has been busy, both afoot and afloat.

In the Marsworth flight.

Moored by lunchtime
Just time to play ball with Meg.
Locks 6, miles 2

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