Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pottering Past Penkridge…

Another frosty night gave us another fine, sunny morning. But it wasn’t to last, by lunchtime the breeze had got up and cloud had started to build. This is the herald to a couple of days of wet and windy weather.

A bright morning over the Penk Valley
Acton Trussell is a posh spot, with lots of high class new houses sprouting up. It’s proximity to the motorway makes it handy for commuting into the cities.

Acton Trussell. You need a few bob to live here.

Oddly, the church sits in splendid isolation to the south of the village.
The first lock today was Shutt Hill, about 40 minutes away. Last time we were here we moored for the night just below the lock, and woke up in the morning surrounded by scowling anglers! Not a frown in sight today, though.

Shutt Hill Lock, fisherman’s friend.
Fishing Can
We stopped for a ½ hour at Park Gate Lock for me to satisfy the urge to visit Midland Chandlers. Come on, I’ve not had a look at “boaty bits” since Sawley!

I came out with 30m of 16mm mooring rope. And a Canal Boat magazine. If (when) we get onto the Thames, we’ll need long lines in some of the locks.

Into Penkridge and filled with water just above the lock, while I nipped to the handy convenience store just around the corner. There’s a Co-op further away, but this shop is “convenient”.

Into Penkridge Lock

We were tempted to stop in the village, there are good moorings above the lock, but overlooked by houses. And as we may finish up tied up for a couple of days waiting for the weather to clear, we decided to move out into the country.

So it was through Filance, Otherton and Rodbaston Locks, before mooring below the unfortunately named Boggs Lock.

The M6 runs close to this stretch, in fact we ducked under it earlier in the day.

Otherton Lock. If this had a sound clip attached, all you’d hear is the snarl of traffic from the motorway.

You can hear the traffic from where we’re moored, but it’s not intrusive.

A couple of days not moving will help Mags. She’s suffering a bit from sore shoulders. And Meg has been off colour as well today. Me? I’m fine. Although now you come to mention it….

Locks 7, miles 6

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