Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back through Brewood…

The rain came down with a vengeance last night, but it had moved on by this morning. The footpaths, and even the roads, were well awash, though.

We had a late start, mainly because I took longer than anticipated on my morning run. 5 miles stretched to over 6, as I got lost on the narrow lanes north of Brewood.

We got off finally, and just ¾ of an hour later pulled in at Brewood visitor moorings. We stopped here for shopping and lunch.
But first I got a couple of pictures of Stretton Aqueduct from near the road.
The legend reads -

The mail line was built as the Birmingham and Liverpool (Junction) Canal, and was the basis of the new Shropshire Union Canal, incorporating the B&LJ, Ellesmere Branch (Llangollen Canal), Middlewich Branch, Montgomery Canal, Chester Canal and Shrewsbury and Newport Canal. The new company was formed in 1845.

Countrywide Cruisers at Brewood Wharf. The hire boats look pretty good, unusually with a choice of trad, semi-trad and cruiser sterns.BW and the local council really ought to get together to make the moorings more attractive. There is a hard surface under all the mud, but the edge is supposed to be grassed! Putting an all weather surface right across would make a big difference.

Brewood VM. Mud pack, anyone?

After lunch we motored the last 1½ miles to the mooring spot we’d used on Monday. This is one of the moorings with rings that have been installed by the Shropshire Union Canal Society. There are several sites, along the main line, the Middlewich Branch and even on the Llangollen. They are listed in a pamphlet available from the Society, although we got ours from the lockie at Hurleston last year.

Open views from the mooring

I chopped up a couple of logs into fire sized pieces when Meg and I got back from our walk.

Woodcutting, with Meg supervisingOur evening exercise took in part of the Monarchs Way. This is a 615 mile footpath, from Worcester to Shoreham, near Brighton, tracing Charles II escape route following his final defeat at the hands of Cromwell’s New Modern Army in 1651.
Locks 0, miles 3

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