Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I should learn to keep my mouth shut!

What did I say at the end of yesterday’s post? Oh yes -

“So as long as it doesn’t freeze too hard tonight, we might have an easier run the last 2½ miles to Fradley”

Well, for a start, I’d miscounted. It was 3½ miles. And last night was, according to the evening weather forecast, the coldest of the winter so far. Down to –7 or -8°! So much for “an easier run”!

Before we set off, I used the long shaft to break ice alongside the boat, then went in to thaw out for 5 minutes. By the time I’d got the stiff mooring lines untied, it had frozen over again!
So I shuffled to and fro for a bit, till there was enough room to pull out.

Ready to go, or so I thought.
Although it was a bright sunny morning, it made little impression on the frost, but at least lifted the spirits.

The going was hardest on the wide stretch of moorings next to Streethay Wharf. At one point, I had to back off and try to get into a thinner area. I reckon it was at least 2” thick.

We pushed on, some bits worse than others, but none ice-free, arriving at Fradley Junction at around 13:30, having been on the move for over 2 hours.

Even the water at the junction, and lower down below Junction Lock, had a film of ice, but nothing like as bad as further back on the Coventry.
I was glad to pull in and tie up on the visitor moorings alongside the nature reserve. We’re staying here tomorrow, with solid fuel and groceries due to be delivered.

The blacking on most of the length of the waterline has been stripped off. I’ll leave it till the spring now, then I’ll find somewhere, probably on a river, where I can run her aground to expose and repaint as needed.

Locks 1, miles 3½

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