Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moored at Mercia

Just a couple of miles yesterday, and no locks. Up to Willington, under Bridge 20, the casualty of the farm trailer accident in October.

It’s looking pretty sad, even though it’s gift wrapped in fetching green netting.
The decision has yet to be made whether to repair of demolish it. Like a lot of canal structures, this is listed, which may (or may not!) affect the outcome.

Into Willington to the services, then winding and back to the marina took about an hour. I booked in, and we were berthed on our pontoon by about 12:00.

We had a pleasant welcome, the charge is reasonable, and the natives, both human and canine, friendly.
First impressions - the layout is good, built to blend with the landscape, rather than as a high-density boat park. Facilities are fine, 3 well equipped blocks are spaced around the perimeter, as are car parking areas. Security is maintained by gates activated by an electronic “key”. On the downside, the perimeter road is poor, and the open areas still look “raw”. I’m sure these are things that will be addressed in the fullness of time, as the site develops. A couple of truckloads of quarry bottoms in the pot-holes as an interim measure wouldn’t go amiss, though!
We are planning to be here till after the Christmas period, moving out in the hiatus between then and New Year.

Shortly after we moored we watched the arrival of a floating chalet, craned in and towed into position nearer the office.

Up she goes….
Two narrowboats pressed into use as tugs.
Then I went and picked up a car from our usual source, Enterprise, and we’ve been shopping today. Got most of the pressies, but there’s still a way to go yet.

I’ve got my good camera back, so will post some decent pictures of the marina later (if this damn rain stops!).

Locks 0, miles 2½

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