Friday, December 05, 2008

Departures and Arrivals.........

The best laid plans.. and all that. Sue and Vic were delayed a bit longer at Debdale, but no big deal.
We had another good chat with Mo and Ness on Balmaha. What a beautiful fitout. Very light and airy, even though it has portholes rather than windows. Houdini hatches in the roof help, of course. The detailing on the carpentry is excellent.

They set off yesterday at noon, heading back towards Foxton.

Bye, Bye, Mo and Ness

So we were all on our own for a bit, until another boat turned up and moored behind us. It was Dennis, on NB ROMA. We’d been moored in the same area at Foxton, and exchanged hellos. This time we had a bit more time to chat. He’s been on his boat since 1994!

It was around 11:00 this morning that No Problem arrived, and we set off in convoy to pull in only a mile or so on to make a quick visit to Fleckney, the other side of Saddington Tunnel.

Leaving the tunnel
Then it was away, to our first broad lock since the end of October.

We dropped down through 5 locks in all today, working together and making good time. I was pleased to see that there was water in the pounds on the Kibworth flight. When we came up we had to run water down through the locks to keep Seyella off the bottom.

Pywells Lock
When we came up, the same lock looked like this….
We had a really good afternoon, it’s a psychological boost to be heading off with a destination (however vague!) in mind. The weather was a bit mixed, an odd drop of rain, a glimpse of the sun.

Mags and Sue in Cranes Lock

Mags Posing….
We pulled over opposite the site of Wystowe village, a medieval settlement that has disappeared, apart from the church. It’s a fine view across the canal, but the wind is coming from that direction too. Hey, you can’t have everything.

Locks 5, miles 3¾

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