Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another cracking day, onward to Kilby Bridge.

We got another bonus day today. Any day at this time of year without rain (or snow!) is good, to have a day of clear blue skies and bright sunshine has got to be enjoyed. And we did.

I went off with Sue to find a Geocache this morning. She’s well into this sport? Pastime? I’ve never been involved before. Found the cache with the aid of the trusty old GPS, Sue signed the “visitor book” while I had a root through the box to see what folk have left. There’s all sorts, key rings, hallowe’en balloons, a bead necklace…. If ever one of these gets irretrievably lost, I wonder what historians of the future will make of the contents.

We moved away from Wystowe at around 11:00, and had a fine cruise to Kilby Bridge. The 7 locks en route were passed easily. All but one were in our favour, and a couple even had the top gates open, inviting us in.

I tried in vain to get a decent picture of a kingfisher, but a robin, before we left, was much more obliging. Make good Christmas cards, hmm.

We arrived at Kilby Bridge just over 2 hours after setting off. That’s a very fast run. We weren’t rushing though. It’s just that the locks were so helpful.

One disappointing aspect of the afternoon was spotting the BW tug POCHARD, sunk at moorings between locks 26 and 27. Obviously no-one as been to check on it for a while.
I gave BW a call, but it’s a Saturday, so I had to leave a message.

Last lock today, Bumblebee Lock
Arriving at Kilby Bridge
The sunny afternoon was too good to waste, so when Sue suggested a steady 3½ mile walk, Meg and I jumped at the chance. It turned out to be a little longer, with an intentional diversion to look at the 10C St Bartholomew’s church at Foston, and an unintentional one around some sort of factory.

St Bart’s Church, Foston

The most memorable part of the walk was the MUD. Most of the fields we trekked across have been recently sown with winter wheat or what may have been turnips. Even going around the edges was pretty mucky. By the time we crossed one particularly soggy field our boots felt like those lead ones divers used to wear!

Heavy Boots.
Still, a couple of handy streams to cross gave us a chance to get most of it off.


Looking forward to tomorrow. We’re staying here because my brother Andy and his family are coming over to see us. And they’re bringing the latest addition to the household. Zac is a 16 week old labrador. Should be interesting…..

After she ate her tea, Meg disappeared. Found her in the bedroom. I think she’s a bit tired. I didn’t have the heart to shift her, but it looks like I’ll be changing the bedding, though!

Comfortable Meg
Locks 7, miles 3

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