Monday, October 27, 2008

Soggy Saturday, somnolent Sunday, on the move Monday.

Well the forecast for the weekend was right. The wet weather that blew through on Saturday raised the river level by about 4”, not enough to close the navigation though. It must have deterred a few weekend boaters, we only spotted half a dozen all weekend.

Sunday was a lot brighter and dry, but cooler. We had Dad and Ann around for lunch. A fine piece of Scotch beef from the local butcher, cooked to perfection by Mags and accompanied by yorkshire puddings, 2 veg and roast and mashed potatoes. Lovely. And topped off by home-made apple pie, the apples from Paul’s trees.

The water was on the way down by the afternoon, and this morning was off the amber zone on the level indicators, and back in the green. We set off at 10:40, in bright sunshine but with a nip in the air. We’d had a mild frost overnight.
We could have been off earlier, having been awake since just after 7. The one clock I forgot to change at the weekend was the heating controller. And, as anyone who has an Eberspacher boiler will testify, they don’t half make a row when they start up! That’s why it’s set for 08:15. We’re always awake by then anyway.

Away from Sileby Lock.
We had a very pleasant trip from Sileby, through Cossington, Junction and Thurmaston Locks, finishing up at Birstall, just below the lock.

Approaching Cossington Lock
Junction Lock
The Scout Hall at Thurmaston.

I’ve launched many a canoe from here a lot of years ago. It doesn’t look like there’s so much waterborn activity now though, judging by the weeds on the wharf. And the steel shutters on the windows weren’t there 40 years ago, either. A sign of the times, I guess.

Moored just below Birstall Lock.
We’ll be heading off down through Leicester tomorrow, so long as we can get a reasonable start. That depends on the local vet; Meg has an appointment for her annual check-up and boosters at Borrajo’s at 09:20. Shush - I’ve not told her yet…….

From BW’s email alerts, at 15:49:-

Upper Trent in flood

Monday 27 October 2008 until further notice.

Boaters are advised that the upper section of the River Trent is currently in flood and the floodgates at Cranfleet are on.

Enquiries: 01636 704481 More stoppages on this waterway:

You can find all stoppages at the url below:

I guess the water that’s draining out of the Soar has got to go somewhere…

Locks 3, miles 5

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