Friday, October 24, 2008

Farewells and a short cruise

We stayed at Mountsorrel yesterday. For one thing, the weather was not fit for cruising, with strong winds and heavy showers, and for another we had lunch at The Waterside (yet again, we’re becoming locals!) with Sue and family, and Dad and Ann.
This was the last chance for us to see the New Zealand connection before they head south for a couple of days prior to jetting off to the other side of the world. So it was a little bit emotional as we waved them goodbye. While at Kay and Paul’s house the other evening for dinner (we’ve never been out and about so much!) we used Google Earth to zoom in on their house in New Zealand. Having seen where they live we’ll be looking for renewing passports, I think! If you’re able, check out Lake Hawea, Otago, then feel as jealous as I do.

I also nabbed some photos of the weekend in Sherwood Forest, and the cruise to Mountsorrel, from Paul's PC.

The gang at the Major Oak..

And Sue at the funfair.
On the boat
Meg’s face is a picture
You can tell Paul is a professional, he sees subjects that us mere mortals miss… Barrow Lock Mags blessing Kay
It’s been a fine day today, so we moved on up to Sileby. Only a mile or so, but we stopped at Sileby Mill to fill with diesel, water and solid fuel, and to empty the loo. I also bought a few bits and pieces in the chandlery (like you do…).
I wanted to fill with diesel before the end of the month and the introduction of the new tax rates for pleasure cruising. I’m sure the new scheme is (not) going to be implemented without a hitch…..

Then up through Sileby Lock and moored opposite the millstream.
Sat out on the bank reading for a while in the warm sunshine, taking advantage of what might be the last chance for a while. Wet and windy again tomorrow, brighter but colder Sunday.

And they say it’s a dog’s life…..

When we moored I set the TV aerial up and just caught the BBC local news at 1 o’clock. Sue on NB No Problem mentioned the stoppage on the Trent and Mersey near Stenson, involving “farm equipment” falling from a bridge into the canal. The equipment in question appears to be a trailer full of what the reporter on the scene politely called fertiliser but what you and I know as cow s**t. I wonder what impact that’ll have on the fish? It should certainly make the weeds grow faster!
BBC coverage here.
It should all be sorted out by the end of today, but will take a while for the queues of boats to clear. I bet Willington was busy!

Locks 1, miles 1.

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