Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Up, down and round and round.

I’ve not bothered posting because there’s not been a lot to write about. We hung around Nantwich for a few days, with a trip down to Hack Green to have a day out and turn around, then headed back up Hurleston Locks last Saturday week (the 25th).

Busy Nantwich

Turning around below Hack Green Locks

The plan was to go into Swanley Bridge Marina on Monday the 27th for two nights, during which time Mag’s son Howard would come down from Yorkshire and take us to the Royal Shrewsbury for Mag’s follow-up ERCP.

But of course, in common with everything else else this year, it all went pear shaped as we left the top of the locks. “Sorry” said the lass on the phone, calling from the hospital, “We’ll have to postpone Tuesday’s procedure, can you come on the 6th August instead?”

Then followed a round of phone calls to Howard, and the marina, then back to them hospital to confirm. We’re using Val’s address near Wrexham at the moment so I let her know to expect a letter for Mags with the revised appointment details.

Meanwhile we moored again just off the end of the 48 hour moorings near Burland to kill time. Good walks around the fields across to Park Farm are easy to access from here.

The letter duly arrived with a hand-written addition – Blood test required two days before procedure. Ooh ‘eck! It didn’t say that on the first letter…

So what to do… We can’t hire a car at the moment because I can’t trust Amber enough yet to leave her in one… she might chew the head-rests! Likewise I wouldn’t want to leave her for long home alone. We could get back to Ellesmere and go to the GP surgery there, maybe.

No, sorry, not possible, no appointments available. So I rang the hospital to see what we could sort out, the upshot of the long, involved conversation being that Mags is having samples taken at the Endoscopy Unit tomorrow afternoon so they can process them immediately, then, all being well, the ERCP will go ahead on Thursday. Whew!

So we came back up Hurleston Locks yesterday, the 3rd, and moored opposite Burland Wharf. We’d arranged to meet Richard and Ruth here for a fill of diesel before Richard set off for his regular fuel run up the canal on Mountbatten.

Fuzzy picture of a kingfisher on the stop gate at Marsh Lane Bridge

Across Nantwich Aqueduct under heavy skies

Up Hurleston Locks again!

Richard and Ruth, whose hard work in all weathers keeps boaters on the Langollen warm and mobile.

Into the marina tomorrow, meet Howard, toddle off to Shrewsbury, blood test, back to boat, Thursday back to Shrewsbury, back to boat, see Howard off then out of the marina on Friday.

Our wintering on the Llangollen has stretched a little this year. It’ll not be long before we’re back!

At the moment my posts wouldn’t be complete without a selection of Amber pictures…

Thinking about crossing the lock gate – Nah!

Just chillin’

Take a bow. I’m trying to get her to do that on command…

Camo –dog!

Since the last post – Locks 12 (3 x Hurleston Four) miles around 12 too.

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