Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Taking advantage of a lull in the weather.

These last two days we’ve shuffled on a bit, catching a few wintry showers yesterday but having a fine, sunny but breezy trip today.

A couple of small trees, blown down in Chirk Cutting, restricting but not blocking the channel.

I pulled in on the moorings just north of the tunnel mouth to make a trip up into Chirk. Handy for the town, it’s a bit too soggy and gloomy to stop overnight here.

Through the tunnel and we pulled in between the tunnel and the aqueduct for the night.

I wouldn’t consider stopping here during the season, but there’s no boats about needing to wait here.

The showers blew away late afternoon, leaving a fine, sunny evening, casting long shadows from the aqueduct and viaduct onto the meadow below.

A clear, cold night gave us a beautiful morning, with barely a breath of wind.
A pleasant change from the recent gales!

Snow on the hills, a legacy of Storm Ciara

But it wasn’t to last. By the time we’d got to Marton Moor the westerly had picked up again, making negotiating the locks a little interesting.

I thought our good progress was going to be halted after Hindford when we came up to a work crew conducting bank repairs near Bridge 9W, but after they got over the surprise of actually seeing a moving boat they shifted their gear enough for us to pass.

We have lambs!

We stopped on the pleasant moorings just past Maestermyn, in bright sunshine. It’s all downhill from here though. More wet and windy weather as Storm Dennis heads in off the Atlantic.

We’ll stay here till the weekend, then move up to Frankton Junction to meet Richard with a fuel delivery. Then we’ve got to move to Ellesmere on Monday for Mag’s visit to the doc’s.

Locks 2, miles 8

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Sue said...

How is it you do first lambs every year before me!