Monday, February 17, 2020

Not Ellesmere again!

Oh yes, for a couple of days anyway. We moved to Frankton Junction on Friday, only 20 minutes or so under grey skies.

We moored up to wait for Richard and Ruth with Saturday’s fuel delivery, and to wait out the imminent arrival of Storm Dennis.

Both came, one considerably more welcome than the other. By Sunday the towpath there, always a bit damp, had turned distinctly squelchy and during a short break in the weather we pushed on, just a quarter mile, to a drier bit of bank and more shelter from the wind.

Today dawned damp but calm, and we were on the move at ten o’clock. The sky brightened up through the morning, with shafts of sunshine breaking through the cloud.

All the way along the canal there’s evidence of the two storms coming almost back-to-back, downed trees, debris in the water and flooded fields.

The garden of the canalside cottage at Bridge 62 is partly submerged, water a foot up the sides of the greenhouse.

Unusually inquisitive squirrel…

We pulled in to fill with water and dispose of the accumulated rubbish and recycling opposite the crew putting new sheet piling on the towpath bank…
…then cruised down the arm, securing a spot about halfway down. This will do for a couple of nights. Tomorrow morning Mags has an appointment with the local surgery for another blood test, just a precautionary measure to make sure things are still improving.

Meg seems to be struggling a bit. The new anti-inflamatories she’s now on are making her sleepy and off her food, and she’s also got a touch of the trots. I’ll persevere for a few more days though to see if she adapts to them. When we’re passing Chirk on the way back upstream, if she’s still not right, I’ll whip her up to see the vet.

Hi Sue. Yes, we do seem to pot the first lambs most years don’t we. I think here they’re earlier than most, a mild climate and rich grazing allow the farmers to bring them on a little sooner.
You’re pretty well guaranteed to get the cygnets though!

Locks 0, miles 4¼

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tony said...

hi Jeff in all our years of slowly cruising the network the Welsh canal is the only one we have not done always said we would save it till last could you please give us any tips about shopping mooring diesel etc