Monday, November 26, 2018

Things are moving on…

We’ve been in Skipton this last week or so. The blood samples Mags gave last week showed a degree of deterioration in her condition, so her GP rang Airedale Hospital to move things along. You remember that she’d had a consultation cancelled, which was supposed to be tomorrow.

Well, a consultant rang last Monday, wanting to see Mags urgently, so we went to see him on Tuesday. The result of the meeting was that Mags is booked in for a procedure this Thursday, the purpose of which is to locate and remove the gallstones blocking her bile duct. No surgery needed, it’ll be done using an endoscope and associated gadgets passed down into her stomach.


It’s called an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatogram, ERCP for short. She’ll be awake throughout, but sedated.

She’s not looking forward to it, but accepts it needs to be done. She shouldn’t need to stay in overnight.

Meg is improving, she’s finished her extended course of antibiotics and showing no signs of her bladder infection returning. In fact she’s quite a bit brighter. She’s got better control now as well, she sometimes goes through the night without an “accident”, and she actually woke us at half-six this morning, wanting to go out. The vet says she needs to lose a few pounds though. Me and her both…

It  was quiet in Skipton, not many boats moving. We’d moved on a little after the weekend to moor near the bus station, nearer the shops and handy for the services. The moorings there are earmarked for Winter Moorings, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone wanting them. But although there was only one boat there besides ourselves when we arrived, another couple had landed, filling up all the space. So we decided to move out of town today in case someone turned up for a reserved mooring. It’s perfectly acceptable to use Winter Moorings if they are vacant, but you are obliged, understandably, to move if someone turns up who has paid to be there…

We decided to move today to take advantage of the fine weather. It’s supposed to go downhill rapidly after lunchtime tomorrow.

Leaving the Gallows Bridge moorings this morning.DSCF5015

The large group of walkers had just been laughing as Mags gave them her “Royal Wave” through the window…

Heading out of town.

We didn’t go far, pulling in near the Rendezvous Hotel before Snaygill Swing Bridge.DSCF5018

We might go back in to Skipton on Wednesday afternoon. There again, we may stay here. Not decided yet.

Locks 0, miles 1½


KevinTOO said...

I can see why Mags isn't jumping for joy at the thought of this procedure, hope they get it done quick smart and that the sedation helps her though it without too much discomfort. Give 'Her Majesty' a big hug from me please.

Good news about Meg too :)

So all you need now is for someone to open the bloody canal and let you get out of there!

Carol said...

Will be thinking of Margaret on Thursday and wish her a speedy recovery. Love as ever xx

Richard said...

Glad to hear that there appears to be progress in t right direction!! You do have to ask why NHS have been so slow in finding a solution for mags.Hope the procedure goes well!

NB Pendle Warter

Pip and Mick said...

Hope all went well today.
Pip and Mick
NB Oleanna