Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Backs to the wind.

Today we moved back to Skipton, following the well –worn track we've cruised back and forth along for the last several weeks.

Leaving Lower Bradley Swing Bridge after going through once, turning around and coming back again.DSCF4971

We needed diesel but the small wharf at Snaygill Boats was a bit full…DSCF4972
However the SCAD (Skipton and Craven Action for Disability) boat Endevour was out so we snuck onto the end of the wharf outside the covered dock.

There’s very few boats about now, the chap at Snaygill said they’ve only got one hire boat out this week, and no more booked for the rest of the month. Consequently we didn’t get a chance to follow anyone’s coat-tails through the bridges today.
Still, not a problem, the brisk breeze was from behind so Mags had no problem hovering while waiting for me to deal with them.

We arrived in Skipton, filled with water and disposed of the rubbish then pushed across to moor on the Gallows Bridge moorings.

No problem finding a space here now… Meg waits patiently while the tank fills.DSCF4974

We’ll stay here through tomorrow as it’s supposed to be wet and windy, then push on up to Gargrave on Thursday and Friday under drier skies.

Hi KevinToo. Yes, the French Connection is probably a no-no. The boss would be happy on the big boat and wide water, though, it's just the thought of 1000 miles and 320-odd locks to get to Calais. And that's before the channel crossing...
And I'd forgotten that the current Palace of Westminster isn't the original, nor even the second, but the third royal palace on the site. Thanks for reminding me.

Locks 0, miles 3

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