Sunday, October 07, 2018

From Summer into Autumn…

…and we’re still here! The weeks are starting to blur into each other now as we shuttle back and forth between Bradley and Skipton.
But this last week has seen a marked change, colder nights and damper days, and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn. We arrived in Skipton in July, and we’re now in October, with still no plan going forward.

A fine, still morning last week at Bradley.

Those old gateposts are just the right height for a good old scratch!DSCF4876

We moved back to Skipton last Tuesday, not the best of days, a bit damp and with a brisk breeze bowing in from the west.
We had visitors both Wednesday and Thursday though, and we needed provisions…

Val and John and dachsund Harry came over first, bringing a prepared lunch of home-made steak pie and veggies, so I just had to bung that in the oven for 45 minutes. They stayed till late afternoon before setting off for the trip back to Wales. Then we had three generations of Mag’s family arrive on Thursday, son Howard, his daughters Melanie and Zoe, and his granddaughter Laura. A fun afternoon, even with me spending 90 minutes replacing the screen on Mel’s iphone…
A word of warning in case you’re ever tempted to do the same. It’s extremely fiddly, the screws are very, very small and there’s a lot of them… Still, it worked after the surgery (big sigh of relief).

We took advantage of Howard (yet again) and had him run us up to Skipton Hospital for Mags to have a blood sample taken. This was a requirement prior to her having a CT scan next Tuesday. She’s not looking forward to that…

On Friday I took Meg to see the vet again to check her blood and urine and to discuss her meds. She’s doing pretty well, and an unplanned ultrasound scan showed no abnormalities apart from a thickening of her bladder wall, in fact her liver looks better. So we’ve dropped her daily steroid dosage from 10mg  to 5mg, now she’s not so thirsty she’s not drinking as much which has the knock-on effect of putting less pressure on her bladder, improving her incontinence. Samples taken by needle from her bladder have been sent off to a lab for analysis, but we seem to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. We’ve just got to see what Mags’ scan reveals now.

We filled up with diesel and swapped an empty gas bottle at Snaygill Boats on the way into Skipton, had Fred Green deliver a load of smokeless fuel to us at the service wharf in town, and with a full water tank and rubbish and recycling disposed of we moved back out to Bradley yesterday.

Heading to the Springs Branch junction to turn around yesterday.DSCF4882

Busy on the moorings near Gallows Bridge.DSCF4883

Mags bringing Seyella through Snaygill Swing Bridge

The leaves are on the turn now…

Last night was the first proper frost we’ve had, with the temperature dipping to nearly zero. It was a splendid morning first thing, though.

View from our side hatch this morning…

…and out with Meg as the sun rose.

We’ve got a taxi booked to take us to Airedale General on Tuesday for Mags’ scan, then it’s a waiting game again till we hear from her GP.

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Hi Debby, pleased to hear that your Meg is now out of the woods.

Hi Jennifer and Peter. Hope you had a good summer out and about. That tentative plan to meet up near Trent Lock never really had a chance, did it!

Tom, Now that would be something to see! Still, it’d save some fuel and I could sneak a couple of pills into her morning brew!

KevinToo, Carol. Mags reckons she feels OK and doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. Imagine how she’ll feel if they do sort out a problem. I’ll not be able to hold her back! Here’s hoping…

Locks 0, miles 6½

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