Friday, October 27, 2017

We're spoilt by the weather.

Yesterday was cooler and overcast but remained dry. We stayed put, enjoying the quiet at Vale Royal. We only saw a handful of boats all day.

This morning started very misty, but by late morning we had clear blue skies and warm sunshine.DSCF1622

Clive the cormorant had been doing a spot of early fishing…DSCF1623
Just visible through the mist rising off the water.

By the time we were turning around to head back downstream Clive had been joined by his brother Cuthbert.

Back to Vale Royal Lock

The lockies are still having to winch the gates open and closed, due to the absence of the quadrant gears that have been removed to be copied for replacements.

We had about 25 minutes to cruise to Hunts Lock, under Vale Royal Railway Viaduct, built in 1860 to carry the Grand Junction Railway, now carrying the West Coast Main Line….

…and past the eclectic mix of boats at Jalsea Marine.DSCF1643

Shafts of sunlight break through the trees on the east bankDSCF1640

Approaching Hunts Lock

We waited for 10 minutes or so for a small cruiser chasing after us from Vale Royal to share the lock.

We chugged gently into Northwich, under Hayhurst Swing Bridge, and moored opposite the marina.

The two swing bridges that cross the river in the town were built in 1898 and 1899, and are believed to be the earliest electrically powered swing bridges built.

Hayhurst Bridge

Both bridges are swung by cable hauled by a winch housed beneath the operators booth.DSCF1656 

Moored in Northwich

After a bit of shopping in the morning we’ll head down to Anderton. There’s a firework display at the lift tomorrow night, and if possible we’ll get a mooring with a view of the proceedings.

Hi Ade. Yes, thank you. I’d picked that stoppage up. We’ll still aim to be through there before the closure, then we’ll have to decide when we get to the top end whether to turn around and beetle straight back before the post-Christmas closures, or hang on until there’re finished. Decisions, decisions… 

Locks 2, miles 3

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Carol said...

Great pictures Geoff, winter on the Weaver sound good. Love to you both xx