Friday, October 20, 2017

Two Tunnels…

We set off late today, it was nearly 11 before the rain stopped and there’s no joy to be had in cruising in the rain, is there.

Looking up the Weaver valley from the breach moorings.DSCF1544
The canal runs along the valley, never more than a few hundred yards away fro the river, but 50-some feet higher.

Bartington Wharf, home to a Black Prince hire fleet, most of which seems to be in “home port”.DSCF1549

The repairs to the eroded towpath continue apace…DSCF1551

We had Salterford and Barnton Tunnels to negotiate today. I planned to arrive at Salterford with a little time in hand in order for Meg to have a comfort break. After a very gentle chug through the woods clothing the valley side we arrived with 20 minutes to spare.DSCF1556

This chap didn’t seem at all bothered by us going past, usually they’re away into the bushes.DSCF1554

Like Preston Brook, this tunnel also has a timed entrance system in place…DSCF1557

The tunnel has a kink in the middle due to an unfortunate surveying error when it was dug.DSCF1561

It’s only short though, so we were soon back into daylight and crossing the basin between the two tunnels.DSCF1562
And the sun has made a brief appearance!

Into Barnton Tunnel
This one is straight enough to see the other end, 572 yards away. With no traffic control you just have to check that no-one’s coming.

I wonder how many bricks went into lining one of these…?
A quick estimate gave me the figure of 300,000 visible bricks. I think you can safely assume that there’ll be a triple layer, so that’s close to a million bricks in this one tunnel, not counting those used for lining the airshafts.

You can understand why the canal companies often built their own brickworks next to the canal…

We pulled in just past Bridge 202 on the moorings rings there. It’s the closest spot to the Co-op up in Barnton village for a paper tomorrow morning.

Locks 0, miles 4 

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