Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Steadily up towards Great Haywood

We did move on Sunday after all, just to find a quieter bit of towpath, really. Not too far, out through the town, along Brindley Bank, across the Trent Aqueduct and moored on the offside between the river and the bypass.

Brindley Bank

There’s a hard right turn at the end, which takes the canal over the river.

Moored up, looking back towards the aqueduct.DSCF0525

In the field alongside two fine looking horses were grazing contentedly…DSCF0526
…amongst the flowering and highly poisonous ragwort! I guess they know to avoid it.

Yesterday we set off again, intending to get to Great Haywood with a stop at Taft Wharf for diesel. When we arrived and pulled up alongside NB Dexta there was a sign saying that they’d run out. Dave came down and explained that they’d been busy, but a refill was due that afternoon or in the morning. So we decided to stay on the bank opposite.

Arriving at Taft Wharf, aka the pig farm…DSCF0528

…for obvious reasons!
They also have a couple of alpacas, a flock of sheep and chickens, so calling it the pig farm isn’t really accurate. 

We had this noisy herbert cruising around checking power cables in the afternoon.DSCF0533

The fuel delivery didn’t arrive until this morning, so it was late morning before we got rolling again.

There’d been a lot of boats about in both directions earlier so it was no surprise to see a bit of a queue waiting below Colwich Lock.

Past Wolseley Bridge, Cannock Chase rising on the horizon.DSCF0536

Waiting below Colwich Lock
By the time we were in the lock there were at least 5 waiting below.

We pulled in below Great Haywood, on the straight looking out towards Shugborough Hall.DSCF0539

The weatherman reckons that it’s going to be raining most of tomorrow, so I guess we’ll be having another day off. Ah well.

Hi Carol, yes, the video is fabulous isn’t it. It’s a shame you can’t get the full impact from ground level.
Hi Debbie. All being well I’ll be running a half-marathon up near Manchester in October. That’s assuming everything holds together. All OK so far, 106 miles into my training plan and no niggles yet. Touch wood…

Locks 1, miles 4¾

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