Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Back to Atherstone after avoiding the rain.

Well, we were all ready to go on Monday morning, donk running, everything put away, just the tiller to attach and we could go. Then the rain started… so we didn’t!
It actually wasn’t too bad but we’re in no hurry so why get wet when you don’t need to…

Yesterday was always going to be a write-off, with rain predicted all day we’d already decided that we wouldn’t be going anywhere. So wasn’t until this morning that we finally slipped the ropes through the mooring rings and left Hartshill.

A fine morning after yesterday’s rain

The sharp bend just south of Bridge 35 caught out the steerer of the hire boat ahead. he took it too wide, forcing an oncoming boat into the reeds alongside the old quarry wharf.
We held off till they sorted themselves out. The steerer coming this way said that, on seeing a boat approaching, the other guy panicked and just let go of everything! He’s going to have to get out of that habit…

Alpacas near Harvey’s Boatbuilders…

…and a hitch-hiking Red Admiral enjoying the sunDSCF0413

We arrived at the top of Athersone Locks at around 10:45, waited for the panicky hirer and crew to start down, then followed them.DSCF0416
Atherstone Lock 1, our first for nearly 6 weeks.

With volunteers on the first five locks they had instruction and help to get them on their way.

This was the only lock we had to refill; all the others till below Lock 5 had boats coming up and at least one other waiting below.DSCF0417

Just over an hour later saw us pull in below Lock 5, handy for the town centre. I think a lot of other people saw the same forecast as us, there were an awful lot of boats around today.

Tomorrow we’ll drop down the last six and head for Polesworth.

Locks 5, miles

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