Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Up the Welsh Ditch

Last night started star-bright and crispy, but later the cloud rolled in and stayed with us all day. There’s been a brisk breeze from the north and west too, making it feel quite cool.

We only had a couple of hundred yards to Hurleston Junction and the bottom of the four locks that start the Llangollen Canal.IMG_3171 
The raised embankment to the left surrounds Hurleston Reservoir, fed from the Dee via the canal.

Heading up the locks


It took just less than an hour for me to work us up the locks, the first boat of the day in the flight. As we came up in the top lock I spotted a crew just starting up behind us.


We topped up the water tank again after doing another load of washing as we came up, then set off through the pleasantly rural Shropshire countryside.IMG_3178
We didn’t go so far, pulling in just after Bridge 3.

Mags is still not there yet, but she is getting better slowly. I think I may be heading to round two, though. Progress westward is likely to be slow…

Locks 4, miles 1


ditchcrawler said...

We just missed you, we came down a couple of days ago and are almost back to base.

Geoff and Mags said...

Sorry to have missed you.