Monday, January 16, 2017

Done playing with the plumbing.

The calorifier is still leaking. My initial solder repair along the split seam lasted a couple of days, but started weeping again. So I thought, let’s stick a patch on it. The copper cylinder was cleaned and tinned with solder and a patch was made out of a flattened-out piece of copper pipe which got the same treatment.
It looked OK but on filling up the system again it started to weep from under one edge, obviously I’d not got it clean enough for the solder to flow thoroughly.
I’m fed up with messing about now, so today have ordered a new one, due to be delivered locally on Wednesday. They’ll make it to the same design, so it should be a straight swap…

It’s not all been disappointment, on Saturday dear friends Val and John turned up bearing gifts and food. One item was of Val’s exceedingly good Christmas cakes.
It’s really, really tasty. Shame Mags doesn’t like fruit cake…

We had a great afternoon catching up, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, although we do keep in touch. We’re heading their way, it’s to their house that the new calorifier will be delivered, and they’ll find us when it arrives.

Mags is still steadily getting better, although we’ve both got the sniffles again today. Hopefully they won’t amount to much. I think we’ll stay here another day and move on to Frankton Junction on Wednesday. There’s a carpark at the junction so V&J can meet us there.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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