Friday, November 25, 2016

Still here…

The river is still up, but is steadily falling now with the spell of dry weather. We’ve not been idle, I’ve been doing odd jobs around the boat, and on Wednesday we got a car from good old Enterprise and went up to Manchester to visit Mags’ sister Dot and nephew Paul. A good day, we’d not seen them for a while.

Mags seemed to enjoy herself whizzing up and down the stairs on Dot’s stairlift…

Today has been glorious, wall to wall sunshine all day.

Looking out over the river at 11 last night, with Ratcliffe Power Station in the background.IMG_2701

This morning, Trent Lock and the tea rooms, with the Steamboat Inn beyondIMG_2703

Heading in the right direction…
It was up to the “29” on Tuesday afternoon. We’ve lost another 4” today.

Cranfleet Flood Gates are still shut, so the navigation is still effectively closed.IMG_2706
Those on the New Junction Canal, and the River Aire have been opened today as the Don and Aire continue to fall faster than the Trent.

Looking upriver towards Sawley

As well  as the level dropping the flow is also reducing, and there’s far less debris heading downstream. I guess most of it will be in the Humber estuary now!

We had a surprise visit this afternoon. Kevin and Ann came across to their boat, moored in Shardlow, for the weekend, and came to find us here at Trent Lock. Good to see you both, sorry about the lack of cakes!

Tonight’s sunset

On a sad note, Meg’s mate Molly, George and Carol’s little Patterdale terrier, is no longer with us. They had to take the difficult decision to let her go after the condition of her eyes deteriorated. Thinking of you both.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Yes, we were lucky that the previous occupants had decided to brave the weather and vacate the floating pontoon. The reason  didn’t go to the inside of the pontoon was that I aimed for the easiest option, and this was it! And it was a struggle even then! Also I was thinking that the guy in front will take the impact from any of those rather large logs coming our way…
Hi Paul. Glad it didn’t get that high!

Locks 0, miles 0

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