Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another fine day.

It’s been sunny and dry, but considerably colder than yesterday. We had a hard frost last night, the coldest so far.

It hadn’t warmed up much by the time we set off.

No wind to ruffle the water this morning

Weston House and Weston church sit on a rise to the west of the village.IMG_2756

Swarkestone Lock was about an hour up from Weston, another broad, deep lock. We had a bit of a wait here, the lock was empty, ready for us, but we held off for another boat following on behind. He was getting ready to leave as we pulled out this morning so I shouted back that we would wait for him. Not all altruism; it’s a lot easier in these locks with two boats!
As it turned out it helped him a lot too, he was single-handing.

Swarkestone Lock


Leaving Swarkestone Lock, with the end of the derelict Derby Canal, now used for mooring for the Swarkestone Boat Club, on the leftIMG_2765.

Another hour of gentle cruising saw us at Stenson. On the way, in sheltered spots, a thin skin of ice had formed on the fringes of the canal.IMG_2769
A couple more days of these low temperatures and we’d have had ice on the cut. Good job it’s starting to warm up again tomorrow night.

Stenson Lock is deep and daunting, but with both boats in at least I could open the paddles reasonably quickly.

We pulled in before the Willington moorings, in a sunny spot just past the railway bridge. The trains zip past regularly, but they’re audible anywhere along here. We’re only here for one night, we’ll be heading into Burton tomorrow.

I went into the village for some shopping, only to discover that the Co-op has moved around the corner onto Repton Road. And there’s a new chippy in place of the small electrical shop near the railway station.

Locks 2, miles 7½

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KevinTOO said...

It's really peculiar but as you travel, effectively through my back garden, it all looks so much different, in a good way, through your pictures and narrative:)

That's the big locks all done and dusted now, back to the "slim 'uns" for quite a while to come now and I can see Mags grinning from ear to ear... LOL