Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Feeling Autumnal

The year is definitely on the downward slide now, the nights are drawing in and are cooler, the days are often dull and sometimes damp. For the first time I’ve swapped my shorts for long pants today, it’s been breezy and drizzly, and yesterday it felt a tad chilly. I’ve not put them away yet though, I’m still hoping they’ll be of use again before the cold weather really sets in.

We had a lovely afternoon on Sunday, with Mags’ grandson and family coming to see us. A not-quite traditional but still enjoyable Sunday lunch was provided by Bizzie Lizzies!

We’re taking our time back to Leeds, no point in dashing as we’ve got till the end of the month. So we left Skipton around noon yesterday, and just headed the short distance to Bradley. A few hire boats are still about, but it’s certainly getting quieter.

Pennine Cruisers’ base at the end of the Spring’s Branch in SkiptonIMG_1987

Remember the floating shed we passed a few weeks ago? Well, he was tied up in the town for a bit, but now he’s down at Snaygill, moored outside the Rendezvous Hotel.
Yes, that is a bath! At least he’s got his sanitary arrangements sorted… To the left is the conservatory attached to the hotel that is used as the breakfast room. Good views from there over the canal – usually.

It was quite a sunny afternoon, but still cool.

Moored at Bradley

Today we were off a little earlier. The day started gloomy and damp but brightened just a little by mid-morning. Around the corner is Bradley Swing Bridge, this one mechanised and one of those that were modified last winter, the control box being moved to the towpath side to make it easier for single-handers.IMG_1992

A bit of autumn colour starting to appear.

There aren’t many permanent bridges along here, but those there are are built from local stone.IMG_1998

Small canal-side quarries produced the building material.IMG_1999

The cloud is down over the Aire Valley

We pulled in at around noon near Kildwick, just past Warehouse Swing Bridge. Another gentle day tomorrow will see us at Riddlesden, I reckon.

original_url: 8EDD965E-B4CF-414F-A061-7F7BE4EF286FMags says thanks for the kind comments and birthday wishes. Tom, the cake maker used photos off the blog to produce the masterpiece, but I doubt she’s seen a narrowboat in the flesh… Nor me, in fact. Meg and Mags were fair representations, but I don’t know who the bloke was! 

Hi Carol. I don’t think we’ll be near Braunston, not until the Spring anyway. Heading for the Llangollen now, the long way round via the Trent, Nottingham and the T&M. If all goes well I’m looking at doing a half-marathon in Rugby in March, then we’ll see from there.

Sue, fat boats are fine so long as they can encourage them to go in straight lines! Most up here seem to have minds of their own, but it might just be the hirers!

Hey Kevin! Those cakes look scrummy, I’m going to give them a go as soon as I get some ripe bananas. I let you know how they turn out. 

Locks 0, miles 5

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Pip and Mick said...

A better morning today on the L&L, blue skies and sun. Suspect we'll pass each other as we are heading to Skipton today. Happy cruising.
Pip from NB Lillyanne