Sunday, October 30, 2016

A long weekend in Woodlesford

Now we’re out of Leeds and below the stoppages that are due to start next week we decided to take it easy. Not that we don’t normally…

So we’ve stayed here at Woodlesford, but will be moving on tomorrow. It’s very pleasant here, and there’s a decent Co-op and a good butcher’s up in the village for supplies.

The lock surrounds are very well kept, too.

Around the lock…



Plenty of water coming down the bywash…

…somewhat less flowing down the river!

Across the way are permanent moorings with a variety of boats narrow and broad. MV Norok is looking a bit sorry for itself, though.
20161027_093658 C
At 105 years old I think it deserves a bit of TLC.

We’ve had visitors while we’ve been here. Arthur and Wendy and Wendy’s grandson Luke came over from York yesterday for the day, and we had a surprise visit from Mags’ grandson Michael this afternoon. All good.

There’s been a few boats about this weekend, I think mostly getting in a last trip before the weather turns.  There were several up the canal a ways having a party last night, but they weren’t intrusive. I expect it’ll go quiet again now.

Did you all remember to put your clocks back? I’m writing this at around half-four and I’ve just realised why I’m struggling to see the keyboard. It’ll be dark in half an hour!

Castleford tomorrow.

Thanks KevinToo. Not Bake Off standard, but I'll make some for when we see you.

Locks 0 miles 0

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